Marvel Minimates Uncanny X-Force

The next Week the Marvel Minimates 4 pack, Uncanny X-Men hits in the shelves. Includes a new version Wolverine X-Force, Deadpool, Archangel, and Psylocke in their gray and black uniforms. This is an Aswome set, Angel looks pretty and the variants of Psylocke and Deadpool are perfect for the collection of minimates. A shame that this update of a Wolverine that already exist fills the space for Fantomex

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Marvel Minimates Wave 39

Here is the Wave 39 of Marvel Minimates. This wave featuring the Thor movie and includes: Thor, Loki, The Destroyer, Odin, Jane Foster, a SHIELD Agent and a Frost Giant. No yet confirmed who will be  the variant figure. But I guess could be the SHIELD Agent or Jane Foster. Each figure looks fantastic, a great wave

Marvel Minimates Wave 39

Marvel Minimates Wave 39

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Marvel Minimates Toys R Us Wave 10

So this is the next wave of TRU Exclusive Marvel Minimates Wave 10 from Art Asylum and DST. The new Minimates just look amazing, we have one set from Shadowland Iron Fist and Spiderman, two new sets to complete our collection of AoA Minimates Sabretooth and Blink, Nemesis and Morph. And one of the most wanted villians of Wolverine in the version minimate “Omega Red” with a kind of battle damage Wolverine. Great News from Art Asylum and DST!! I wanted Omega Red since a long time and also the horsemen of Apocalypse Nemesis is impressive.

Marvel Minimates Toys R Us Wave 10

Marvel Minimates Toys R Us Wave 10

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Marvel Minimates Wave 38: Shadowland

It’s time for the Shadowland in the Marvel Minimates series, series 38 celebrates the Shadowland saga featuring Daredevil! This series includes Elektra and the Shadowland Daredevil, Spider-Man and the new version of Iron Fist, White Tiger and the exclusive Hand Soldier and the character Classic White Tiger as variant to go with the Hand Soldier.This set is expected to be in the stores in April 2011. Oh, Yes! One more unnecessary Spider-man for our collection, at this time I don’t know how many spidey-mates are in the collection of the minimates, DST and ArtAsylum could have added more characters from the Shadowland Marvel crossover but they preferred to add a fantastic new Spiderman.

Marvel Minimates Wave 38

Marvel Minimates Wave 38

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Excalibur Minimates Box Set

And here is the classic Excalibur team in one Box Set,  featuring updates of previous minimates, this Minimates box set includes: Captain Britain, Nightcrawler, Juggernaut and an exclusive Megan figure. Juggernaut looks amazing with the new update and the other guys add more faces to our collection.

Excalibur Minimates Box Set

Excalibur Minimates Box Set

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Captain America Through the Ages

A new age is dawning for Captain America. As a new hero steps into the stars and stripes, take a look back at Cap’s Costumes with the set Captain America Through The Ages.

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2010 NYCC Marvel Minimates

The new Minimates of 2010 NYCC

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